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Minnesota Drivers: Snow Causing Slow Evening Commute

The first significant snow of the season has arrived in the Twin Cities, causing big traffic problems during the morning commute and threatening the evening one as well.


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5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has discovered there may be a faster way for you to get the right of way.

Minnesota Firearms Deer Season Opens Saturday

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Nearly 500,000 hunters wearing blaze orange were expected to be afield Saturday as Minnesota's firearms deer season gets underway.

Critics Challenge KSTP Reporter Jay Kolls on His Mpls. Mayor Photo Report

KSTP's Jay Kolls reported Thursday night about a photo showing Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges making what law enforcement members call a gang sign with a convicted felon.

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Overlooking beautiful Forest Lake since the early 1900s.

Deer Hunting Season's 'Orange Friday' Bolsters Retail Sales

This weekend is for deer hunting, but Friday is for deal hunting.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, deer hunting leads to $234 million in in-state retail sales and generates another $28 million in state and local tax revenue.

Stillwater Mayor Abruptly Resigns

The mayor of Stillwater has abruptly resigned, citing personal issues.

Ken Harycki said Friday he was stepping down as mayor, effective immediately.

Harycki wrote from his city government email address that the move will allow him "to better focus on personal issues."

Minnesota DNR to Sample for Deer Disease

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The state Department of Natural Resources is encouraging hunters in southeast Minnesota to submit deer for chronic wasting disease sampling.